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Help the pup learn new experiences in a comfortable way

Updated: Apr 2

When you make efforts to socialize your puppy, you should be careful not to promote withdrawal, fearfulness, and overstimulation. Some people think that taking puppies out of their comfort zone is the best way for socialization. This is a wrong perception. You should follow a plan that allows the dog to learn new experiences in a friendly and comfortable way. The pup should be permitted to develop good habits at his/her own pace. When you find that the dog is tired or overwhelmed, you should not force anything.

The socialization of a puppy needs to be done in a variety of ways to make him/her a well-mannered and balanced dog. You can take the pup for short rides in your car. The dog must be introduced to things like boxes, bags, and umbrellas at a tender age itself. You must also allow the puppy to explore his environment. When you invite friends to your home, you can ask them to interact with the pup. Healthy and friendly dogs should be invited and allowed to engage and play with your dog to develop good socialization skills. You can take your dog to other people’s homes as well. It is a good method to take your dog to shopping centers, playgrounds, and other public spaces. The pup must be made familiar with different objects and new sounds. Last but not least; the pup must be exposed to brushing, bathing, nail clipping, ear cleaning, and other routines.


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