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What is the Importance of Socializing your Puppies?

Updated: Apr 2

Every dog owner must realize that socializing puppies is a very vital aspect. Under-socialized puppies develop unwanted anxiety, fear, and habits. They easily get nervous and start growing as an adult dog with a bad temperament. On the contrary, socialized puppies turn into balanced and flexible adult dogs with a good temperament. You can expect them to be family-friendly and easily get along with people.

The socialization period of a puppy can be classified into periods. The first socialization period is between 3 and five weeks of age. The second period is between 6 and 12 weeks of age. During these periods, puppies need to be allowed to stay with their mother and siblings as much as possible. It is being done to help dogs usually develop very vital social skills like hierarchy or pecking order establishment and relating to each other. Dogs with dominant nature emerge as leaders, and shy and submissive ones tend to accompany leaders.

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